Organic country markets - the real deal.

'Salt of the earth: a person or group of people of great kindness, reliability and honesty.' I can't think of a better description for the stall holders at Willunga - my favourite organic country market. From Salt Bush Bob (and yes - he really does grow and sell his own Salt Bush) and his neighbour from Bull Creek selling mini zucchinis with their golden orange flowers still attached; to the woman with the massive stainless steel bowl the size of a satellite dish, filled with a mix of just-picked baby greens, native violets, tiny yellow daisies and other edible flowers; every stall has its down-to-earth and country quirky charm.

It is marvellous to see organic markets springing up in countries all over the globe. How blessed we are that these 'salt of the earth' growers have shunned chemical fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides - that they are happy to accept a lower yield and thus less dollars to provide us with fresh healthy food the way that nature intended.

What a great alternative to shopping in mainstream supermarkets, under banks of fluro lights and along shelves of tinned, packaged and processed foods with ingredients that read like a scientific experiment. Give me the real thing any day.

And after the market? Enjoying some apre market chat at The Farm, a favourite cafe on a close-by organic biodynamic farm, with a creamy coconut Chai and the best Orange and Almond cake ever!

The dictionary definition of foraging is 'to go from place to place searching, especially for food'. So why not turn your weekly food shopping from a predicable chore to a foraging adventure by exploring local and further afield country markets and cafes. Buying organic - or at least chemical-free - direct from local growers is doing our health, the salt of the earth folks we will meet along the way, and the environment overall a massive favour.

Happy foraging.

Joanna x


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