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Organic country markets - the real deal.

'Salt of the earth: a person or group of people of great kindness, reliability and honesty.' I can't think of a better description for the stall holders at Willunga - my favourite organic country market. From Salt Bush Bob (and yes - he really does grow and sell his own Salt Bush) and his neighbour from Bull Creek selling mini zucchinis with their golden orange flowers still attached; to the woman with the massive stainless steel bowl the size of a satellite dish, filled with a mix of just-picked baby greens, native violets, tiny yellow daisies and other edible flowers; every stall has its down-to-earth and country quirky charm. It is marvellous to see organic markets springing up in countries...

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Easy German Cabbage recipe

I spent the evening with a captivating cabbage. Picked him up in a local market. He was lounging about on an organic stall - a little presumptuous I thought, seeing he was outed by the store owner as only being 'chemical free' - but with his shining purple boldness and hint of a green cap in his wayward curling top leaf how could I resist? He was certainly on the plump side - round as a medicine ball and about as heavy - he was exactly what I was looking for as the star ingredient for my favourite cabbage creation. German Cabbage is an easy alternative to Sauerkraut. The recipe was shared by a friend and it's become a 'must...

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