Welcome to my world.

Thank you for dropping by to find out more about my page, which I have created to share information and inspiration on natural health and fitness through my everyday experiences and what I have learned over the years.  As I move through my 70s I am happy that my long-term lifestyle of living close to nature; of having a clean, kind, chemical-free diet; and keeping physically and mentally active means I am free of the health problems so often endured by people travelling through their 'wisdom' years.  I look forward to sharing ways of keeping fit and living in tune with a healthy environment, including recipes, natural skin care and encouraging you to welcome challenges and to find joy in simple pleasures.

My first childhood home was a shack on the beach in a tiny fishing village, my next a farmhouse in the country, and after a gypsy trail over the years I now live in a city apartment.  

My country childhood included a backyard full of vegetables, flowers and fruit trees. It was a simple life in the best sense of the word where we didn't have much financially but were rich in imagination and making our own fun, like building cubbies in the scrub and riding our bikes to the beach.  

I went to university as a mature age student and majored in English and History, with my Honours degree in English. My career has included working with an information and support service for women, managing volunteers, and marketing.

My greatest blessing has been my three beautiful children and two gorgeous grandsons.

Now that I'm in my 70s I can see how lucky I have been to have such a close-to-nature life experiene - that the more we discover about health, nutrition and feeling good the more our paths lead to being kind to to people, animals and the environment - to living as nature intended.  The further I follow this path the more wonder-filled my life becomes and I want to share this through two of my passions - writing and photography - and to hear your stories.  

I would love you to join me - to share your experiences and travel with me on this exciting journey called life.

With warmest wishes

Joanna x