Sticks and stones won't break my bones!

Note to self: do not run downhill on bush paths when you are wearing walking boots and backpack.

I walked further than I planned on the weekend and time was running out for a coconut chai catch up with a friend. Seemed a good idea to run downhill on the way back, to make up some time. An easy loping pace felt pretty good but a few loose stones and I was splattered. Ended up with a rather impressive skinned knee, grazing on my hand and wrist, and subsequent bruising on my shoulder, hip and thigh.

I hit the ground with my shoulder and also took much of the impact on my wrist so I consider myself fortunate to escape with just a few cuts and bruises. Makes me feel blessed to still have strong bones in my 70s - although perhaps it's a mix of blessings, genes and lifestyle.

In my 50s I started hearing terms such as calcium supplements, bone density tests and Osteoporosis, and so far I have managed to steer clear of all of them.

The older I get the more I listen to my body - and what feels right and appears to be working for my bones is a plant based diet with lots of green leafy vegetables for calcium and Vitamin K; nuts, seeds and beans for extra protein; bushwalking, running and yoga for weight-bearing exercise; and soaking up sunshine for Vitamin D. I make my own almond milk (more calcium), have a good balance of alkaline foods and keep right away from acid-forming meat and dairy. As well as keeping my bones happy, this lifestyle also ticks the boxes for kindness to animals and consideration for the environment. I like it!

After being a bit careless on the weekend and my body giving me a 'get out of fracture free' card, I have decided to say thank you with some weight-bearing work for my arms. I have seen some fluro green hand weights in a sports store and I reckon they have my name on them.

This will be my first foray into lifting - I can't wait to feel the burn and see the results.

Stay tuned.  :)

Joanna x


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